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9 Jun 2019

For once @majorp , I agree with you 100%. And the grammar was spot on also.

Trump and Boro
8 Jun 2019

I hope you enjoy the chlorine washed chickens Paul, and looking forward to all those yanks coming over here for free NHS treatment at yours and our expense.

2 Jun 2019

Boro? I thought he was know as BOJO, as in BO ris JO hnson. Oh sorry, It's you again, the one who is always right no matter how wrong you are.

Tarmac Drive Specialists maybe?

What about the "Buckfast".

Anne Marie Morris
10 Jul 2017

Well, you lot voted for her so are you just as RACIST as she is? Also, while on the subject, you ALL moan about the lack of Police, but who is responsible for the cuts? You lot are trying to blame TDC or Dawlish council, but WHY dont you blame the Tories who MADE the cuts? Bloomin hypocrites you lot are.

It's AFD today, Saturday July 1st. I hope lots of people turn out for the parade and the weather is good. I believe that the parade sets off from the Manor at 12 noon. Good luck and thank you to all who take part.

I wonder if Nicola Sturgeon will want another election because she didnt like the result of this one? LOL.

@Paul How strange as it was Ms May that chopped the armed forces in the first place, but being a Tory, I'm sure that you will come up with a good excuse and blame someone else. Also, since the tories have been in, look what's happened to our police force, yet you vote for them because of security. Strange.

Seen tonight 06/06/17. Are the tories proud to parade a poster like this less than 3 days after the London attack and 2 weeks after the Manchester attack? What an absolute insulte to all those killed or injured by terrorists. Is it a joke? How very insensitive of them. Oh, and who was it that made all the cuts to the Police and Armed Forces? Answer BELOW!

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