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Saint George's Day
23 Apr 2020

Happy Saint George's Day to everyone.

It must be more than a small dirty market in Wuhan that has caused this pandemic. I personally believe that it is the Biological Labortatory that has caused this. Regardless of what caused it, China is the culprit. It's about time that China is outlawed by every country and lets go back to producing our own goods, especially with this current PPE fiasco. Why on earth did we have to ...

Don't forget the lazy b'stards on benefits, which there are over a million. Get them to do it or they get their benefits stopped.

Complete Idiots
12 Apr 2020

But we don't need to worry, as Donald Trump says he will have it sorted by Easter.

At 1400 hrs today, 800 less planes in the air compared to  the same time last week.

2 Apr 2020

@leatash That's brilliant.

1 Apr 2020

At this moment in time,  (1400hrs 01/04/2020) there are 1400 less planes in the air compared to this time last Wednesday.

29 Mar 2020

Checked Flight Radar yesterday (Saturday 28/03) at 1600hrs and compared it to the previous Saturday at the same time and there was half the amount of planes flying compared to the week before.

Jolly Holliday? Where are they going to go then?

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