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But is it not true that goverment only supply the money the NHS have there own procurement process and 82% of nursing homes are private with paying clients i dont see BUPA screaming for PPE. Now dont take me wrong we are in unprecedented times and Nursing Homes the NHS should have all the PPE they require but is it this goverments fault or NHS managers who are buying from the Far East to save ...

Traffic has been increasing every day i have a perfect view of the 379 and i have seen cars with four adults, a car with two adults and canoes on top, three campers, boy racers four all in line reving there engines dont these people understand 30,000 dead.

Royal Mail
28 Apr 2020

I think you need to look at the bigger picture Margeret the wall is also being extended eastwards not only will it protect the line it will also keep the town safe.

Shaun Sawyer
25 Apr 2020

I have the same Lynne two cars have arrived and eight people piled out with cans of beer and bags of snacks a party me thinks. But what will happen when one of them gets the virus and there are no ventilators to treat them and they die the rest of the morons will create merry hell because it will be someone elses fault.

25 Apr 2020

I think you a wrong Margaret it has been breached and within the last 35 years.