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What political process, how is it possible that 360 MP,s know better than 17,000,000 voters.

12 Mar 2019

7 Mar 2019

5 Mar 2019

I can honestly say i have never purchased a newspaper in my life and at 72 i am not going to start now.

5 Mar 2019

I have been with Talk Talk for 10 years and not once have i had a problem i have always had great service both with there broadband and mobile phones.

4 Mar 2019

The papers ,media, and goverment are all controlled by remainers who cant accept that 17 million voters decided to vote leave, this handfull of people will stop at nothing to stop us leaving. Now is it that they know better than those who voted to leave or is it they have more to lose because i believe a little short term pain will give us long term gain. There will not be a no deal Brexit the ...

Poop on the Lawn
4 Mar 2019

It's everywhere on the footpaths in Brunswick Place the path along side the Brook to the lower Barton Car Park that part of the Car Park has loads everday last week there was a load outside the Post Office.