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They are spending over a £100 billion on furlough and support for small bussinesses. I always find it strange how folk never talk about the positive things goverments do.

1½ weeks ago

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Reminds me of my childhood.

The Carnival Breeze has now arrived.

And yet there are plenty who never had the opportunity to save or buy a house but have worked hard all there lives.

1½ weeks ago

My thoughts there are those on state pension who struggle from month to month and then there are those who have good public or private pensions who are sitting in clover so maybe we should means test all pensioners and those who need it get it and those who are sitting in clover dont. So looking at my own situation i am certainly not sitting in clover but would not miss a state pension rise for 3 ...

There are two the Carnival Magic and the Carnival Valor and both only have crew onboard you can watch a video on Devon Live of the interiors.

As i always say steel and concrete and shortly it will be a choice between property and wildlife.

I wonder if the actions of the BLM will fuel intolerance and racism.