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General Discussion

Merry Christmas
25 Dec 2018

And the same to you Webmaster Merry Christmas to all and remember there are folk out there maybe a neighbour who has no one invite them in for a cuppa and mince pie to be lonely is a devarstating for some at this time of year.

We are here and it is now. Further than that and all human knowledge is moonshine.

21 Dec 2018

I hope so a bit like Australia then and New Zealand not to mention the good old USA.

21 Dec 2018

The new immigration policy will hopefully cut the numbers arriving on our shores but all borders are open to Father Christmas he has no problems accessing the USA, Australia,New Zealand,so dont worry Lynne he will be landing on your roof this Christmas.

Brent oil
20 Dec 2018

I wouldn't hold your breath.

Lynne the French try to burn Paris down when fuel duty is increased a little. Brexit works both ways and the EU will suffer just the same there could be severe problems in Europe post Brexit they will soon come to realise a new deal has to be negotiated.

Teresa May vote
18 Dec 2018

Well get over it Lynne the goverment is preparing for a no deal so maybe all the above will come to pass all i can say is roll on Brexit day so i can light my giant rocket.

They always have and always will thats how it is.

Teresa May vote
17 Dec 2018

Politics is based on lies and deciet just look at what Corbyn is promising if he wins the next election we know its not possible but for some unknown reason believe it.

17 Dec 2018

Nothing wrong with her at least she understands the vote was to leave and she is obliged to see it through.

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