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Complete Idiots
12 Apr 2020

A few days ago Cumbria Police stopped a motorhome they were from Devon on there way to the Lakes for a holiday the world is full of stupid people.

9 Apr 2020

There have been deaths in Devon but so far we have been lucky.  As explained last night on the BBC we had very few cases as lockdown started and with the large number of retired in the South West who decided to self isolate before lockdown  this has been a contributary factor to the low number of infections. But this weekend could see all that reversed if folk don't STAY IN DOORS and selfish ...

9 Apr 2020

I am on day 33 of total lockdown and when i opened my window this morning at 0730 to let some great Dawlish sea air in i overheard an interesting conversation from a family of five stood right under my window, it went something like this" How's this then kids, we will be safer here than Walthamstow, what time can we go to were we are staying dad? oh about 11 ish we will go shopping first and get ...

5 Apr 2020

Guess who is still doing hair, nails and eyebrows? The Morticians If you want an appointment with them, keep going outside.

5 Apr 2020

4 Apr 2020

Unfortunately some folk havent got it yet but they will when there nearest and dearest start dying what we have now is the tip of the iceberg as my dad used to say " You aint seen nothing yet"

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