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Queen Street
23 May 2019

The signs have been up for weeks resurfacing?

Did Lloyds not close on on October 9th 2018 and i think Barley Meadow was started on December 10th 2018. I presume the plans and advertising would have been agreed prior to the last Bank closing but what it shows is the developer knows little or nothing about Dawlish.

And three are pedestrian with one set being a combination set traffic and pedestrian and all within a few hundred feet if each other.

My sentiments exactly how could we possibly be last and a woman from Australia swinging on a pole with a awful voice be ninth it's madness.

The no dog signs are already in place at Red Rock but dog owners seem to be ignoring them.

So Brooklyn Bridge what you are saying is if a Police Officer is doing a good job we should turn a blind eye if he or she breaks the law. I have been told the person who reported the indiscretion had been given words of advice about riding there bike on the footpath so if that is correct it's understandable.

13 May 2019

After all is it not an offence to ride a bike on a footpath and the law applies to everyone even a serving Police Officer consider the implications if he hit and injured someone. And i would imagine thats how his senior officer looked at it when taking the decision to tell him to stop riding it.

Well Paul when the water is up to your neck maybe your best mate Trump will arrive to save you.

4 May 2019

Here we are election day and no one has rang my doorbell and to add insult to injury i have not seen any canvasing even in the Strand ,so do i at 72 now make the effort to walk to the Manor or do i take the same attitude as the prospective candidates and not give a S*@T.

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