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General Discussion

Water Pressure
18 Jul 2018

We need rain and loads of it i have just come back from the Lake District they have Tarns drying out and folk cant remember the Lakes being so low a friend of mine said if it doesnt rain soon we will be known as The District.

Lynne i dont believe you want us to leave the EU no one knows what the outcome will be the UK is writing the book and maybe if we are successful others may dare to follow.

18 Jul 2018

So Lynne what if we have another referendum and the result is the same what then because it could happen would you then want a third vote then a fourth, i believe remainers would never accept a leave vote however many times it was rerun.

18 Jul 2018

I believe the remainers will go to any length to get a new referendum so lets say they do and the result is the same what then Lynne.

18 Jul 2018

Lynne the country voted to LEAVE right or wrong that was the result as far as i am concerned the elected house of commons are there to carry out the will of the people again right or wrong they should just get on with it thats what the people wanted so they should deliver a clean break with the EU. Now folk argue the truth wasnt told so whats new at every general election they lie, do we carry on ...

18 Jul 2018

Lynne i do take medication that my life depends on am i concerned not in the slightest why because it wont happen and if it does so be it.

18 Jul 2018

What a load of c**p does anyone really believe any of this remain c**p we get on a daily basis.

Clean Air
10 Jul 2018

Is there any air quality data available for the centre of Dawlish  i cant find any, and who is responsible for monotoring our air quality i presume its the Local Authority.

Apples can be 12 months old,Fish can be 2 years old, Bread can be 12 months old, Potatoes 12 months old, Bananas 1/2 months old, Salad, Fruit,Veg, can be 3/6 weeks old, Milk 3 weeks old do i need to go on food is no longer fresh it's treated in some cases with chlorine wash like salad and then bagged all the oxygen removed and gases added to keep it looking fresh.

I would think they are pretty good at it Lynne.

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