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22 Mar 2020 18:44

>>Hello Tony In normal times, I wouldn't be bothering you. But these are exceptional times and I wondered if I could ask you to publish the following email I received from a very old friend so that you and your many followers could have the benefit of reading it.

Dear Family and Friends Today we have received an email from our good neighbour Chris Walker who is the senior consultant anaesthetist at Harefield Hospital. Chris and his colleagues are currently doing a fantastic job at Harefield in very difficult circumstances. We will not go into details re its contents but suffice it to say that he gave us cause for grave concern in respect of the current and future virus situation. His strong advice can be summarised as follows: "The only clinical advice emerging locally is isolation, isolation, isolation. Please, please stay away from everyone. I cannot stress enough that it is the sole and only way to protect yourselves. There is no other." I should add that these are the personal opinions of Dr Walker as someone working in the NHS and may not reflect current government advice. For those supporting others in this crisis it is not always possible to stay away from some people who they may be helping but, for those of us (particularly of a certain age) it is essential, and Chris is anxious that we get the message across to as many as possible.

There may well be some people who wonder if the announcements from the government and health authorities are in some way exaggerated. I hope the above will show that is very far from the case. Regards John Precious


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