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General Discussion

27 Nov 2019

25 Nov 2019

A bit like Labours pledge to build 150,000 council homes each year now anybody with a scrap of sense knows it's pie in the sky they all lie always have always will.

ER113 If i was you i would give up Paul just loves to wind folk up.

Sorry to disappoint you Lynne but the position of the MPI ENTERPRISE  as i type is latitude 51.69655 longitude -4.948534 and that is Pembroke Dock.

13 Nov 2019

There are two large ships in that area at the moment both with huge upper superstructure the PRETTY LAMB a bulk carrier, and the SEREN a general cargo vessel

lobotomy dems
6 Aug 2019

No bins emptied over the weekend i wonder why??

Water fowl
4 Aug 2019

If i remember correctly the Ducks and Swans are sold the proceeds offsetting the cost of Wardens and feed costs.

What's her name??

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