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Whats wrong with these pictures ?

27 Mar 2020 16:20

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27 Mar 2020 16:35

You cant get more stupid than this family to allow there child in the brook with a body board i wonder if they know that all the effluent from the sceptic tanks in Ashcombe are in the water. I will add the Police eventually turned up and gave the parents words of advice but they had been there for over a hour and the dog was not on a lead.

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27 Mar 2020 19:04

As my gran use to say...stupid is as stupid does....I watched several groups of people walk past my house today rubbing shoulders.


I will be going to sainsburys next week for my shopping and I will be wearing my p3 respirator and goggles and thoroughly decontaminating my clothes, shoes and shopping when I get home and a shower. Then its in the house for another 14 days.


I wonder if anyone picking up their post in the morning realises the potential threat or picking shopping that has been touched and possibly coughed on by others.


For those that have an ounce of common sense and respect for others be safe out there.

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