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Yesterday, I happened to be looking through a Dawlish carnival programme for this year when I came across the pages of the carnival queen and her royal family. When were they chosen?  I don't remember an event earlier in the year; usually around Easter I believe !!  I remember in previous years there being a disco where the carnival royal family were chosen. This was also a fund raising event were ...

I too went down to catch the 11am train to Exeter, with my two daughters; I brought our tickets and waited to catch the train. When it arrived the train was only two carriages long and was full, we were also then told that we could not get on and to try the next train which was at 11;53am. We went for a coffee and came back to catch the next train, only to be told again that it was full and they ...

While down the lawn at the opening of Carnival Week, I brought my daughter a Slush Puppie drink from one of the  food and drink wagons, could not believe the price £2.00 for a small cup !!! As we walked passed Geralds newsagents a little while later I notice that they sell Slush Puppies the same size for 69p. What a rip off ! I know now where I will go when she asks for one again.

Road Closure
1 Apr 2012

Also the town is closed off and was told that we couldn't go any further then the Caholic Church. He said the town would be open later on this evening.

1 Apr 2012

Just came back from Exeter and have been stuck in traffic along Exeter Road in Dawlish; to be told by a policeman stopping cars that there has been reports of a breifcase with a bomb in left on Dawlish train station. The police are waiting for the bomb disposial unit from Plymouth to arrive.

Dawlish Carnival
20 Aug 2011

We saw this happen to a family near us; a clown placed a balloon into a little boys hand and asked him if he wanted it implying that it was free, as she had placed it in his hand, the boy said "yes". So then the clown then asked for a pound from his Mum. When she said no thank you the clown snatched the balloon out of the little boys hand leaving him in tears. I did hear later that these clowns ...