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General Discussion

Slush Puppie rip off !!!

13 Aug 2012 11:23

While down the lawn at the opening of Carnival Week, I brought my daughter a Slush Puppie drink from one of the  food and drink wagons, could not believe the price £2.00 for a small cup !!! As we walked passed Geralds newsagents a little while later I notice that they sell Slush Puppies the same size for 69p. What a rip off ! I know now where I will go when she asks for one again.

13 Aug 2012 13:48

Did you buy your slush puppie from one of the fair wagons? If so just remember when you take your children to see Farther Christmas at the Christmas Market in the Strand and they get a free toy donated by David Rowland you would have paid for it via your slush puppie.

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