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Dawlish News

It'll be an e-mail from me to TDC's planning/enforcement department then. I'll let you know the response I get.

22 Feb 2013

Anyone know if the work on these units has started?

works started
22 Jan 2013

That would be the industrial/employment units would it?  The ones that were due to be built as part of the planning permission for Sainsbury's to build a supermarket?

Fire in Building
16 Jan 2013

Yes I could see the fire fighters and the smoke coming from that direction when I was up walking the dog on Sandy Lane Playing Fields about 10.00 this morning. Someone also walking his dog could tell me at that time that the incident was in EastCliff Close and that he understood it had been caused by builders/roofers equipment catching the roof alight and that the wind was aiding and abetting ...

21st Jan?

Honesty In Dawlish
4 Jan 2013

Don't know how long ago that happened to you Huw but on reporting it you should have received a reference number from the police. I'd have 'created' if they had said that to me. But then that's me and I wouldn't have 'created' about the money as such but the principle that it should be mine not the police's given that it wasn't claimed. It's now 28 days between handing something in and being ...

Update on when the affordable homes will be available. June 2013 for the Bovis units (14 rent and 1 shared ownership) and October 2013 for the Cavanna units (2 rent and 13 shared ownership).

13 Dec 2012

Understand that the affordable homes on the Cavanna/Bovis site at Secmaton Lane will be available April 2014 (and yes, that is 2014, not 2013)

"Paul Jarvis, for developer Shutterton Park Ltd, said there was no strong opposition to the application." er......the number of objections to or for a development proposal ain't a deciding factor.  Bottom line it's planning policies that decide what gets built and what doesn't. Which is why, even though I invariably add my fourpennyworth when it comes to major planning consultations ...

"The ones that will eventually join with Swans Rise by a road" that's the Bovis/Cavanna site then as it and the Swans Rise development back onto each other.

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