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Now Angela Merkel is in government with a  far right party. Her position is not so secure as it was yesterday. The  leaders of other the Europe countries should be worried of  how they make the British grovel over Brexit. I do hope the people in this country do not forget the people who are negotiating the withdraw on the European side.

North Korea
11 Sep 2017

Send for the peace envoy Antony Charles Lynton Blair.

As far as listening to business people might be one thing but the people were asked to vote and they did. If Philip Hammond don't like it or can't hack it then go. That Lynne is democracy which ever you slice it.

28 Jul 2017

lynne Your absolutely correct it was not on the ballot but the EU wanted the negotiations  by 2019 if i remember Tick Tock

28 Jul 2017

Now philip Hammond announces we are not getting a Brexit for a possible 3 later than expected. He says his cabinet ministers are in agreement. Since when has he spoken for the people that voted out. I smell Treachery.

24 Jul 2017

Hi Lynne i tried to start a debate and my point being was this.When Mr heath took us into the Common Market we were not told how much the E U would enmesh itself into our Democracy. Nor did anyone have a chance to call  a second referendum on where this was going.

21 Jul 2017

When  the French and others stop sucking up to the Germans they may start realising the political Trojan horse that has been created.

Is the quality there
14 Jun 2017

After all the problems We have been involved wars ,austerity, bank crashes, brexit, elections to win elections to lose etc,etc My opinion is the quality of parliamentarians, especially those that have somehow attained higher office over the last 40 odd  years have been sadly a bunch of under achievers. My only hope the adage Cometh the hour cometh the man may happen.

Having just joined the ranks of being a pensioner I wonder how these people look in the mirror or sleep at night when they take my council tax out of my monthly entitlement. Would like to comment more bluntly but Ladies present.

10 Jun 2017

Thank God !  If   your correct about this pay off as I for one was getting Very concerned  how this person was going to make ends meet.

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