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Scam Phone Call HMRC
30 Sep 2016

May help someone. But had a phone call, so say from H.M.R.C. saying a lawsuit is in progress against me and I dial 1 to speak to a case officer. It seems that this person will say you owe some money But if you settle up now it would be cheaper. Do Not Bite. Having spoke to H.M.R.C there are several of these scams going on. The message was on an automated service.

Just tell the bog off. What are they going to do sack us.

Corbyn or Eagle
18 Jul 2016

A few names (to mull over) Gordon Brown,Antony Blair all talentless etc etc etc and I suspect wouldn't mind another bash If they cannot sort out even electing a leader with the rules they made God forbid how could they be trusted to run a government. Unbelievable.

Did Tony write this faltering speech in 3 odd hours since the Chilcot report at 11 o clock went public. Worthy of a Laurence Olivier award.

Without Prejudice There was nio intent of commiting murder and now your on dangerous ground. I do not wish the man well If your accusing me of such a thing you should contact webmaster .

26 Jun 2016

Hi Webmaster Many thanks and take your point. As for the my opinion we went to war on a fabrication off weapons of mass destruction which  will come to light shortly.

26 Jun 2016

Has Tony Blair ideas of making a comeback and why is the beeb so hard up from this warmonger to get his principled money grabbing opinion?  The Tories should consider getting a new leader in ASAP and consider the country not thier party.

Since writing above comments i think it was Sunday politics and the lady was Anne Beathekt Hope this is correct but the hype against leaving to Norway was uncanny. As for some of these people ie Beckham and the Virgin chappy ought to spend less time thinking of their financial interests and more about this Country. After all most of their time is spent abroad.

Saw Cream at the Lacarno Bristol .The Who, Byrds and Them  at the Corn Exchange Bristol Street cred or what.

On the daily politics show on Friday i think, they interviewed a Norwegian lady about the time they had a vote on E.U. membership.The funny thing was the threats about losing membership was so similar to the ones given to us was strikingly similar. Each family would be £3000 odd pounds worse off .they would have no market, pensions reduced and would be isolated so much so nobody would ...

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