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If Teresa May   her advisors or Others  try to ignore the referendum result or  call for another vote. Dare I say it could end up in  total anarchy.

Teresa May vote
14 Dec 2018

Should we have a vote of no confidence in her ability ? She was no good in the Home Office. No good in calling an election (when so called 20 odd points ahead of Labour) and losses 17 odd seats in the process  her majority. Still got her head up her arse over negotiating with E.U.Where she has been  in talks and got a two fingered salute. 117 vote against her,200 give her  vote ...

It seems Teresa May has a plan B which if she loses her deal in Parliament,  is to have after many statements not to, will propose a second referendum. Surely if true someone had better send in the letters of no confidence in her and the  Conservative party.

1 Dec 2018

No deal is better than a bad deal! Well old love you and your advisors who as civil servants should not be in the room You bought us a bad deal. Now follow what little honesty you have left and go. You have done enough.

1 Dec 2018

Why do people and her cabinet and party keep on giving her more chances to change? SHE WILL NOT!

Brexit - Part 1
1 Dec 2018

HI Lynne   YES   Well don't rely on the French Dutch or if memory serves the Germans. Or are  you suffering the illness many  have of convenient amnesia.

30 Nov 2018

As for the Southern Irish is concerned ban their lorries from crossing into the UK and on to Dover and get them to send the goods by ferry around the mainland of Britain and direct to Europe.  Jobs a good'un.

30 Nov 2018

Leave the E.U. with no deal  thats what we voted for and when Russia kicks off  over E.U. expansionism  in Crimea and the Ukraine, We leave Our so called  Friends and Partners to be on thier own and leave NATO. AKA Go and Sod off. We have sent our best young men and women before  to protect these ungrateful bastards.NEVER NEVER AGAIN! You are on your own.

20 Nov 2018

If it's true we have no say on future decission making or  the right to veto. Maybe they would demand we surrender our entire Royal Navy fleet sailing it into a German or French port. Followed by a  document signing at a forest 40 odd miles North of Paris.  If Railway carriage available.

TheC.  B. I. to want to keep us in the EU and are willing to to let the uk tax payers subsidise the trade they do by the UK tax payer to the tune of 49 Billion pounds. These companies should name themeselves so we can remember the stance taken over democracy. Start working for a living Instead of us bailing you out .No mention at T.May/CBI meeting about 14.7 million who voted brexit ...

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