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Tut Tut Lynne Me thinks your under skirt is showing.

24 Nov 2020

If as you say Lynne we have left the E.U, why are we still talking about a relationship with them. LEAVE MEANS LEAVE. As usual Lynne you are such a bloody know all.

24 Nov 2020

We still haven't left the E.U. and my odds from previous posts remain correct. Nor are we likely too. Whether you want to go or stay in the E.U. It goes to prove the class of politicians we are blessed with.

Prince Charles speech
17 Nov 2020

It seems HRH Prince Charles speaks of our great friendship between ourselves and the german people. Well he certainly doesn't speak for me Must be on the earhole for a new german title or a new german made royal car. Had my doubts about his sanity and or his memory for sometime. The germans would not get out of bed for a p-ss unless they got something out of it for themselves. ...

for the family of eight can i say if there is anything else you need a benefits handbook on creaming or a job in broadcasting editing a newspaper or even as a political adviser. But please please do not deport. Where would we be without humility?

another bust removal
27 Aug 2020

This has got to be the best yet. A bust of one of the founders of the british museum has had his bust removed from any prominence to a more discrete place for his alleged dealings in slavery. Now this has been alledgedly done by the museum's director who one could think knows more about slavery etc than most. I will not accept lessons of virtue, from this director. More double ...


When several thousand visitors landed on  North Devon beaches last week , some staying overnight .with no toilet facilities. Who i wonder who caused more danger.

26 May 2020

If out there, is an  overpaid reporter in papers or television and read this websight. May I say i am not angry or in a rage over this mans visit to his parents home. So please stop infering that i am.

dear 1263 i think the countries that were freed from nazism were less than enthused because  a it was the UK and secondly the British stance over the e.u.

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