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for the family of eight can i say if there is anything else you need a benefits handbook on creaming or a job in broadcasting editing a newspaper or even as a political adviser. But please please do not deport. Where would we be without humility?

another bust removal
27 Aug 2020

This has got to be the best yet. A bust of one of the founders of the british museum has had his bust removed from any prominence to a more discrete place for his alleged dealings in slavery. Now this has been alledgedly done by the museum's director who one could think knows more about slavery etc than most. I will not accept lessons of virtue, from this director. More double ...


When several thousand visitors landed on  North Devon beaches last week , some staying overnight .with no toilet facilities. Who i wonder who caused more danger.

26 May 2020

If out there, is an  overpaid reporter in papers or television and read this websight. May I say i am not angry or in a rage over this mans visit to his parents home. So please stop infering that i am.

dear 1263 i think the countries that were freed from nazism were less than enthused because  a it was the UK and secondly the British stance over the e.u.

10 May 2020

Tut Tut Lynne calm down. I didn't realise your so sensitive.

9 May 2020

well lynne you certainly told me there.PS who the ------ is charles de gaulle?

9 May 2020

good to see they  pulled out all the stops.

Saint George's Day
9 May 2020

Sorry for the delay and a very special St Georges day to you carer

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