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re. Land off Meadow Park - Town Council's objections included access via Badlake Hill. It's worth noting that 5 of the houses at the bottom of Badlake Hill have just spent 10 days without broadband since their cables have been brought down by a passing lorry.

Thanks for the heads-up on this, Lynne. As far as I can make out, this concerns the planning application which has already been submitted, albeit for 4 houses but possibly with another one to be squeezed in at a later date. We'll keep an eye on how it progresses, given there is so much local opposition to the development, especially on the grounds of extra traffic.

The saying about left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing certainly seems to apply to anything TDC deals with.

Oh, so the fact that cars and lorries regularly drive on the pavement past peoples' front doors to pass each other on the hill is not a concern to them then. One day we will get someone to monitor the air quality on the hill, especially when we have been subjected to lorries reversing up to access the building site.

15 Dec 2021

It still does nothing to address the highways problem which has been well-known and acknowledged by our council for about 50 years. There are people who are afraid to let their children walk to school on their own down Badlake Hill because of the situation with heavy goods lorries passing within inches on a road with no pavements in places and narrow access at the bottom of the hill. Sometimes you ...

The last thing they want is the general public's opinion on any of these decisions.

8 Dec 2021

Let's hope it goes to plan then, but I won't hold my breath until I see them actually built (being slightly cynically minded!) Also, how many are planned for this development?

Builders don't like building bungalows because they can't cram enough of them into a small space like they can with flats & town houses. Too many retirement flats suffer from rip-off fees & high service charges which don't always end when the owner is no longer around. What older people want are freehold homes on one level which are easy to maintain & within easy reach of essential services. Not ...

I've used this car park in the past. Another nail in the coffin for Exeter city centre if it's going to close & be used for housing (student accommodation?)

Good luck with any "sensitive restoration & conversion" of the existing buildings, seeing as most of it is a complete wreck