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20 Jan 2022 16:24

I know that a planning application has recently been (re)submitted to build four houses in the garden of 23 Badlake Hill. (see Lots of objections have been submitted mostly concerning traffic issues.

As best as I can make out there is another potential housing development site adjacent to that of 23 Badlake Hill.

It is listed as a potential site (although it is not known if the site is available for development) in the Local Plan Review Part 2 which was put out for consultation last summer.  It is suggested that the site could provide 5 new homes.  

I didn't really register this site back in the summer but have done so now given that I am aware of the objections to the planning application to develop the garden of 23 Badlake Hill. 

So I guess the same objections would be lodged re this adjacent site. 

Just thought I would bring to the attention of those living in the Badlake Hill/Lower Meadow Rise/Weech Road area of the town. 

Too late now to lodge any formal objection to this suggested site as the consultation closed in August 2021. And there is no guarantee that it will end up in the draft Local Plan 2020-2040 as a site for development. But! 

The draft local plan is due to be out in the summer of this year for public consultation so we await to see what land has been identified for future housing and what land has not.


Click on this link and then on Chapter 5 -Coastal Towns. Then scroll down to number 9. Residential Garden at Badlake Hill/Weech Road to see the exact location.



20 Jan 2022 18:23

Thanks for the heads-up on this, Lynne. As far as I can make out, this concerns the planning application which has already been submitted, albeit for 4 houses but possibly with another one to be squeezed in at a later date. We'll keep an eye on how it progresses, given there is so much local opposition to the development, especially on the grounds of extra traffic. 

20 Jan 2022 20:26

It's the same site. The 5th house is the existing one which would be demolished to make way for it. 

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