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France would vote leave EU ...why pay EU so much money!

24 Dec 2018

Italy will leave of the betting! What do you make of this  ..would it have been allowed in this country!

Brent oil
21 Dec 2018

Get out of EU spend the billions 'here' not there!   ..they will soon creep to us if we walk away. Romoaners wont be happy though as they so wanted to be conscribted into the EU Army! (ew thats gone small!)

Italy next to leave EU ..its a failed set up. Country To Leave EU (without United Kingdom).html

18 Dec 2018

Amazing how some people spend all day on here trying to find negative EU websites.   17 million people wanted out of the EU.  Out it is!

JC not doing too well and Tony Blair is back and ready to take over... or to be leader of EU.. and this from a Labour paper...

High Street's
10 Dec 2018

Most buy from Amazon at the cost to the High Street.   So many people in the shops right now its easier to have it arrve at the door! Anyonw who thinks its a good idea to open a shop now must be bonkers! Having said that if everyone stopped buying online the shops would be booming! and Amazon would be finished.

Not exactly end of the world to do that lol...

Remember that leaflet ...'we will do what the vote result is' lol. Clearly not.

Why the heck don't they just give up on the line by the sea! ...get building Dawlish Parkway other side of town...or build a tunnell between the town and sea.. do you want a blocked view of sea and get town protected?.. I don;t think the town is that bothered on a rail service really..