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Because David Cameron has blunly refused to pay it Ed and Labour would lol..

24 Oct 2014

Yes we need to get out.

TORY LIES ??????
1 Oct 2014

Well Roberta your leader Ed ...if he gets in power buy him a 'dont forget' diary lol. At least Tories remembered to talk about the economy did Ed forget to?

Taxes Too High
30 Sep 2014

How high would you put VAT then?

30 Sep 2014

Well I have to say I went to your church recently and there was not much of a i guess unless you are regular you just dont 'fit in'. Now as you have posted your 'Harvest Festival' on the discussion board and not on the 'events' page I assume you are wanting people to comment.. here goes....You call yourself 'Christian' ..well I have always understood that Christians ...

Taxes Too High
30 Sep 2014

Well if everyone is highly taxed you dont have the money to spend do you. Never will understand the idea of Labour ...Anyone that studies, does well... 'ah now we will tax them big time and make them wish they had not bothered!!! ' Labour say they will guarantee a job but dont support anyone who wants or has a business and its them that employs people.

Everyone was surprised he didn't do a vote catching speech...people would have been well quick to say ah its the election in 6 months.  Poor Ed forgetting to mention the economy and imigration in his speech was so funny ..Gordon in Scotland looked fired up to be a PM again! ..then there is always Tony Blair.

Dawlish Taxi's
22 Sep 2014

Well it costs £10 to go just 3 miles says it all really... have a look at this fare guide, put some places in, maybe handy to someone

All those were put on by Allems surely? I see on the Brook Street posting re the picture the name has changed to Purrrfect.

15 Sep 2014

Clearly has chamged nic id.  If you click purrrrfect all the posts that will make sense then.

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