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Wealth Where?
29 Jan 2015

Not long now until we have the party that will give everyone just what they ask..

Plymouth mob as you call them, not to forget, Torbay and Cornwall. together they help keep the line in place. Dawlish benefits from those people coming to the town, unless of course you don't want them!

This is worth watching if you missed the latest episode 'The Railway' the day the line reopened. @ Howard re doiuble deck trains Found this series by Channel 4 in 1984 ...with a mention of double deck trains, how they were built in late 40s but did not last. Some good history on trains, ...

Thanks Lynne

Dawlish Carnival
19 Nov 2014

Did a child write that? ...further down re Kingsbridge 'we got nothing' Newton 'Abbout'   lol Just spotted that, cant be bothered to read it all. Still can't work out why Dawlish has always been a 'top secret' events Carnival.

Speed restriction this morning due to the delays again. This is all becoming a bit annoying for people who want to travel by train!

Fireworks postponed
1 Nov 2014

Well as they have decided the busiest weekend of the year to not work .. then maybe needs to be a few jobs cuts and for 'you' that can mean lower Council Tax, your favourite subject.. Would you be happy with that? People that strike never win history tells.

1 Nov 2014

This has to be the reason .. Firefighters across England are on a four-day strike in a row over pensions during one of the service's busiest weekends of the year. Unions always pick a time to inconvenience people..

Best interest rates are online accounts ...high street banks or building societies have never been better since internet..has to be why they are closing.. Post Office online at 1.4% with no restrictions.

Oh well Ed will have plenty of money to spend.

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