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Some latest news Warrior you won't be too happy about <

13 Aug 2014

If you bring utiltities back you HAVE to pay whatever they want for electric. My power supplier. was too expensive and poor service I moved and pay far less now. Aa I say Socialism is not about choices.

13 Aug 2014

Don't understand why anyone would want to go backwards to Socialism. Thatcher gave people the choice to buy their own house and better themselves, they were not fored to/..  Streets where people care for their property, decoration and garden etc..are nicer places to be and walk at night... Socialism is not about choice is it? Going back to everythig being public owned is a crazy idea, ...

So local radio is not allowed to even say whats on? ...flippin crazy. In contrast look at Sidmouth folk festival website info > no secrets!

DJ .. I totally agree with you. It comes to something when you need to 'stoop' to such uneducated colourful language to make a point. So I dont think Roberta stands much chance of being elected as an MP do you lol.

6 Aug 2014

Well you are right there Elvis certainly gives people an insight and would give anyone the second in fact it does people a favour before they settle and find our.. Mind they dont like outsiders.. but notice are happy to take their money when they visit!!!

Thank you. I have always wondered why its all a top secret about 'whats on'. There should be f ree flyers for everyone with the info ..put adverts around if you really must! If you go to a Carnival week anywhere else the information is easily available and published for all to see at the event and on the web. People wont just turn up from away and hope something good is on ..then buy ...

5 Aug 2014

How much do they charge to put a float in?

Just remove it... and upgrade the lawn with flower beds a circular sitting area like Exmouth.

Dawlish carnival week
30 Jul 2014

There should be no charge at all for the programme ... Someone should just list all the events on here, so no need to buy one. we are now in the internet age.

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