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Perhaps supermarkets see small towns as vultures see corpses - something to be fought over and eaten.

EDL Demonstration
28 Oct 2013

@Taylorjack This is a discussion forum. Abuse does not help you to get your ideas across, Don

Russell Brand
25 Oct 2013

@neilh Power tends to corrupt ......etc.

25 Oct 2013

I have  spoiled my ballot papers for decades because I never find a party or candidate that will represent my views.

EDL Demonstration
24 Oct 2013

@Taylorjack913 @OLD FART If the right of the EDF to demonstrate is acceptable, how can one contest the right to demonstrate of those who disagree with them? @FredBassett I agree with your response to neilh. We disagree. Here is a little piece of Hint Fiction (up to 25 ...

Is the Queen's english the same as the Queen's English?

@neil Interesting. The silence of the Conservatives and its media hounds is not surprising, given that the party is only ever electable if it convinces people that it represents their aspirations. In fact,  it represents and serves the elite. @Paul In answer to your original question in the first post, you obviously can not "take it that everyone is in agreement."

@Andysport , Apologies. My post was off-topic as far as providing you with useful information.

14 Oct 2013

@neilh naughty. However, it has always been obvious to me that any American company will have been subject to pressure to ensure NSA access. For instance, if you were seriously dodgy, would you trust the integrity of any system or any encryption provided by Microsoft?

@neilh Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Clearly nobody who believes that people are the property of the state in which they happen to be born, bound to obey its laws, even if the state itself does not.

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