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Whatever is chosen, I would like to see a local artist commissioned. Better than a single piece would be a programme of public art around the town.

april fool or not
2 Apr 2014

I can confirm that the satellite did crash in Paignton.

.... and £10,000 on acting lessons.

UKIP at its best
18 Jan 2014

@Mrs C I just saw this on BBC News website and came on to post it - a few minutes too late. I am delighted that we live somewhere where one can express one's opinions so freely. Long may it continue. I was not aware that the Scriptures or Gospels, in the capitalised sense of Old and New Testament, made any specific reference to Christian nations, Armenia being the first to adopt ...

@Carer I thought: E. Two missing inverted commas and one unnecessary, although not incorrect, addition of an 's' after an apostrophe. Is that sad enough for you?

Park Rangers
21 Dec 2013

@elvis presley I shall pass on your Christmas greetings to those among them whom I know.

Paul's Thread
16 Dec 2013

However, Khomeini and Genghis Khan are dead. Does this offer Old Fart some hope of a future reconciliation? (possibly in a parallel universe, as you cannot agree what the real world is.)

Psychopaths et al
16 Dec 2013

Some time ago there was a suggestion that there should be a separate section of the forum for politics. Should we perhaps have a section set aside for psychopaths? Allowing entry based on their posting achievements could provide an incentive to candidates. I think the idea would be quite popular and could result in the forum becoming a model for hectoring and irrational posts and for lack of ...

Intolerance of other people's views and beliefs has been very evident on this forum recently. Bell (For the deafened) Summoned by bells, I was imprisoned to learn chapters from the Bible by heart. Questioning God’s Word was not on the school curriculum, absence from chapel was noted and punished, atheism was anathema. Otherwise powerless, I ...

11th November
12 Nov 2013

Poppies2 (For all at Brook House and Overbrook, Dawlish.) In Flanders fields that May, watered with chlorine tears, frail red blooms appeared as usual, anticipating nothing but their own brevity. Now they weep themselves for a time when they can parade again simply as flowers, beautiful, unadorned. They pray to the sun that we remember well ...

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