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Nice of you to ask, Dullish Roy. We've a full day tomorrow spent entertaining friends from Humberside. Weather-permitting, I'm hoping that my nearest and dearest will be going on a picnic on Sunday - just the two of us for that! And then we're off with some other friends to Lincoln for the day on Monday. Quite a busy few days, but I'm really looking forward to it. So, to answer your question, I ...

22 Aug 2008

This thread is about the Bank Holiday, Dullish Roy, so please pray tell me what on earth you think I'm evading! Bizarre!

Well, I think you've had long enough to think up an answer Dullish Roy. So come along then, who would you replace Y-R with? That's a perfectly simple quesion, I fail to understand why you are avoiding it and why you'd rather throw around personal insults against a fellow member of our forum.

Well done Dullish Roy. This thread has gone from an interesting opening post by laughing boy Viaduct, to being about your obsession with the flipping Council. The mind well and truly boggles.

It was a straightforward question from me, which you've avoided answering. Typical.

What's Dawlish Town Council got to do with the weather? Mind boggling!

22 Aug 2008

Thanks for typing that out for us all Viaduct, however there's a problem with the bit in the middle where you typed "Click here". I clicked there and nothing happens. Here's hoping for really good weather for this weekend, so that everyone who has two or three days off work can really enjoy themselves. P.S. Viaduct, have you seen my straightforward answers to your straightforward questions?

Proud to be British
22 Aug 2008

Quote from Dullish Roy: Why is your pride in Britain based solely on sport? Like I said.....culturally lacking. I see you gave no response to the United Kingdom point. When did I say that my pride in Great Britain was based purely on sporting achievement? You assume far, far too much me owd china. As to your final sentence, I gave no response because (as you state) it was a point, not a ...

Q1: Why do you think it is nessessary (sic) for Rotary/Round Table to collect money for other un-named charities at the time of collection? A1: Your question isn't at all clear. However I'll try my best to make sense of it. Whilst I'm not a member of either organisation, it is my belief that they collect money in order to raise money for these charities. DOH! Maybe, just maybe they are just ...

22 Aug 2008

Personal abuse again Viaduct??! You still haven't learnt your lesson following last Saturday's drama, have you? I hold my hands up and admit that I missed your posting, which was stuck in the middle of thread and therefore overlooked by myself. Despite your personal abuse, I will reply to it shortly in order to show that I am a man of my word.