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I'm really surprised that more people don't use the local, regional and indeed national train services and would be extremely disappointed if this paricular service was cut in the way that the letter writer suggests. The last time I had the need to travel by train (when I went to the Eden Project), because there were 3 of us it only cost us £8 each Return. It would have me cost more there and ...

I agree, the sooner Ross The Younger is out, the better. Who would you replace him with though?

How bizarre! See you tomorrow kids, I've got places to go and people to see. Play nicely whilst I'm gone. Oh, and if anyone has any news, please feel free to share it. Or any straightforward questions...

Proud to be British
19 Aug 2008

Well done to Christine Ohuruogu, the latest British success story! What a truly wonderful few days this has been, with Britain third in the medal table: 16 Gold 9 Silver 8 Bronze Quite breath-taking.

Straightforward answer: I Don't. I would be interested in reading more news about Dawlish though, so if you have any, then please feel free to share it.

19 Aug 2008

There's plenty of evidence of your hatred for Dawlish - do you really want me to copy and paste it? Putting that to one side, I'll ask my straightforward question again and hope that you answer it this time... "You will probably notice that most of my threads are positive ones about Dawlish - I notice that you never reply to any thread that is positive about Dawlish. Why is that, Dullish? ...

19 Aug 2008

It's not a debate though is it, it's a witch hunt by one or two persons. Thankfully, since the webmaster called a halt to your deceptions, the number of aliases being used by the Angry Mob has swindled to just two or three. Happily, we're no longer getting swamped by the same one or two people posting and re-posting the same allegations time after time, the same ones who reply to themselves in ...

19 Aug 2008

I refer the right honourable gentleman to answer #2 in my previous post. What has this got to do with Giving To Charity?

19 Aug 2008

Dullish, is this Viaduct's straightforward question? Ok. 1. I do not have any vested interests. 2. I am not a defender of Dawlish Town Council. Two straightforward answers for the price of one!

19 Aug 2008

Oh dear me, Dullish. Timing wise, your postings are suspiciously close to mine, ergo by your logic we are the same person as well... Stop being so paranoid! Where's Viaduct with his straightforward question?