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Good question, what's everyone's favourite? Of the ones that I've seen, I really like the one by the church. Not seen them all yet though... :-)

Dawlish Town climbed to the top of the Toolstation Premier League after a 3-1 Sandy Lane win over Ilfracombe Town. Teenage striker Joe Bushin, signed from Liverton United last season, bagged a brace which took his tally to six for the season. Antony Lynch put Town one up and, even after the Bluebirds levelled, it was the home side who continued to ask all the questions and it was no surprise ...

Olympic Flag Raised
26 Aug 2008

Copy and pasted from: Flags were raised around South Devon on Sunday to celebrate the hand-over of the Olympics to London. Torquay, Dawlish and Dartmouth all hoisted flags after London's mayor Boris Johnson received the official flag from his counterpart in Beijing during a spectacular ...

Copy and pasted from: I have been keeping bird notebooks - sort of birdy diaries - for more than 50 years. Every now and then, I re-read what I wrote long ago, closing my eyes and re-living the experience all over again. I am now looking at the first ...

Bank Holiday
26 Aug 2008

I hope that everyone enjoyed the Bank Holiday as much as I did. A fabulous but hectic afternoon and evening on Saturday was followed by a more relaxing Sunday. We were unable to have a picnic, so we opted for a lovely lunch at a riverside country inn followed by a brisk walk along the river bank. Monday itself was a very long day - exhausting but very worthwhile. If you've never been to Lincoln, ...

Thank you for a thoughtful, intelligent and insightful posting Don. The sentiments that you express within it will certainly be taken on board by myself.

Pardon me? I'm sorry to have to ask, but are you having a bit of a funny turn? You see, you're not making an sense and I'm a little bit worried about you.

Nice of you to ask, Dullish Roy. We've a full day tomorrow spent entertaining friends from Humberside. Weather-permitting, I'm hoping that my nearest and dearest will be going on a picnic on Sunday - just the two of us for that! And then we're off with some other friends to Lincoln for the day on Monday. Quite a busy few days, but I'm really looking forward to it. So, to answer your question, I ...

22 Aug 2008

This thread is about the Bank Holiday, Dullish Roy, so please pray tell me what on earth you think I'm evading! Bizarre!

Well, I think you've had long enough to think up an answer Dullish Roy. So come along then, who would you replace Y-R with? That's a perfectly simple quesion, I fail to understand why you are avoiding it and why you'd rather throw around personal insults against a fellow member of our forum.

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