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Anyone know
2 Sep 2008

Hi Sue. The only one I'm aware of is Susanne Welsh at 37 the Strand. Her number is 862648‎. I'm not sure if she's also known as Sue! ;-)

Thanks for spotting that Don. :-)

30 Aug 2008

From this week's Dawlish Gazette (available if you live in Dawlish): Fairtrade status continues Dawlish has maintained its status as a Fairtrade Town. The Fairtrade Foundation said Dawlish had gone "from strangth to strength" and it looked forward to more support from schools. The committee is currently looking for new members. Anyone connected with the town's schools would be particularly ...

Neither of you has acknowledged that the fact that crime rates are down is GOOD news for the citizens of Dawlish, and its visitors. Why is that, I wonder? Interesting that Viaduct has twice written "your councillors"...... Crime rates are down - FACT.

29 Aug 2008

Crime has dramatically plunged in Teignbridge. Over the last three years, offences have dropped by a massive 20 per cent. In 2003-2004, 4,769 crimes were recorded, but in the past 12 months the figure was down to 3,728, smashing a government target. But the local police chief, Superintendent Richard Baker, stressed that it did not mean officers were content to rest on their laurels. "Each and ...

Has anyone on here seen any of the scarecrows on display (obviously those that don't live here won't have done)?

Well said. I've kept out of this particular squabble, because I've realised that it's a waste of time trying to reason with the likes of Dullish Roy. I've learnt my lesson, and funny though it is to see the floor being wiped with Dullish Roy tonight, I'm keeping well out of it. This should be a Dawlish forum for people who live in or care about Dawlish and the locale.

Actually, Viaduct, I do consider it to be good news. :-) Whilst understanding that wherever one is or whatever one does there is always room for improvement, believe you me we could be in far, far worse places than here. I'm happy. It's not perfect, but there again where/what/who is? Remember that there is no utopia, except for when you close your eyes...

28 Aug 2008

There are 273 "places" in Great Britain according to this survey. Exeter/Teignbridge came 106th in this survey, which means that there are 167 "places" where the people surveyed are less happy than we are. Locally, South Hams/West Devon was 90th, North Devon/Torridge was 130th and East Devon/Mid Devon was 221st. Thanks for pointing out the good news Viaduct.

Naked Man Arrested
28 Aug 2008

Naked man arrested at Cockwood after night up a tree with his mouth organ A naked man was nabbed by police after he climbed a tree near Dawlish Warren, played a mouth organ and refused to come down. The 44-year-old was arrested under the Mental Health Act at about 7am yesterday. A police spokesman said the man was seen wandering around Dawlish Warren naked from the waist down at 9.40pm on ...

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