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Charities under the spotlight

28 Aug 2008 16:23

As Joey Deacon has shied away from answering straightforward questions in spite of his promise, I thought I would add a little more to the undoing’s of Rotary and Roundtable etc. I am not getting at Joey for what he does, I am getting at him for what he can’t see.
From the Guardian news paper, it highlights some of the things that some of us have been warning others about.
WHERE DOES YOUR MONEY GO WHEN YOU GIVE IT TO A CHARITY? I do not want to know where some think it goes.
Anyone tempted to put some money aside in a savings plan feels safer knowing that financial watchdogs are protecting their interests (or they should be but that is also open for debate) whilst performance details point them to the best deals.
But a donation to a CHARITY this Christmas is likely to be made based on a confusing array of claims about how effective the charities are in translating donations into services. There is little regulation of almost 95% of the sector.
Some CHARITIES translate little more than 50% of their income into services and use fundraising methods that rely on highly paid staff and armies of paid fund raisers, while other well known charities claim 100% record and say every £1 donated is £1 spent on services.
Yet much of the difference in the CHARITIES lies not in their ability to run a tight ship, but in the way they account for their fundraising costs and admin expenses.
A recent survey commissioned by Media Trust, which helps CHARITIES promote themselves, shows that CHARITIES are fighting a rising tide of opinion.

Even those door-to-door CHARITIES that shake tins at Christmas, are extremely light on regulation. What happens to the tin when they have closed the garden gate?

Oxfam,which was recently criticised on the BBC Watchdog programme for using paid fundraisers rarther than volunteers to canvas passers by, argues that the public must realise the days of volunteers rattling tins are over.

"All CHARITIES need to spend money to make money," says a spokeswoman. "The brutal truth is that CHARITIES are operating in a very competitive market.

So Dawlish Rotary, meeting every Monday at the Mount Pleasant Inn, are there to play ping-pong as Boris said when talking about the coming of the 2012 Olympics, are they?

How much is charged for the hire of the room, and how much is claimed for expenses in getting there by it’s members? We will never find that out.

If any one still wishes to give to CHARITIES, it is their choice, I am only highlighting some of the problems in donating.

28 Aug 2008 18:54

And she never offered to give it back!!! And she is a Judge who would do you if you stepped out of line.

Cherie Blair 'wrong' taking charity cash

July 11, 2008 - 7:02AM

Cherie Blair, the wife of former British prime minister Tony Blair, has admitted she was wrong to accept money for her controversial speaking tour of Australia.

Blair came under fire two years ago amid reports she had pocketed more than $A240,000 for her five-day, five-city lecture tour which aimed to raise money for children's cancer research.

In an interview to be broadcast on the BBC World Service, Blair says she had made a mistake in accepting the money.

"I won't do anything like that ever again," she says, according to excerpts printed in the Daily Mail newspaper.

"I will do paid speaking but only for commercial organisations and not for charities."

Included in Blair's Australian tour itinerary were lectures for the Sydney Children's Hospital at Randwick and the Children's Cancer Institute in Melbourne.

Blair said the charities had covered her expenses for the trip and paid her a fee for her lectures.

"But the reason for that was because this was a charity I wasn't involved in," she said.

"In fact, that led me into a lot of criticism. As a result of that, I've learned the lesson. I won't do anything like that ever again."

Blair has come under attack again in recent months, accused of cashing in on her position since she and her husband left Downing Street.

She was reportedly paid about $155,000 for three days' work delivering speeches in the United States in March, while her STG1 million ($A2.07 million) recently published memoirs have been harshly criticised.

The Truth
The Truth
28 Aug 2008 20:17

Hey laughing boy, I'm really impressed that you've single-handedly exposed these scandals.

Well done you, keep up the good work.

Take note all you thousands who read this website, this is true investigative reporting; much better than those half-baked idiots who can go no further than Google.

I certainly won't be giving to charity EVER again, and that's all thanks to your indepth reportage. Thanks, you'll save me a fortune.

28 Aug 2008 20:26

Very defensive and dismissive response chicken shed.

Can't you at least acknowledge the abuse that takes place in the name of charity?

The Truth
The Truth
28 Aug 2008 20:31

I'm not being dismissive or defensive - I've just said that I'm not going to give to charity ever again!!! And it's all thanks to your alter-ego and his investigative reporting.

Well done laughing boy. Keep up your good work.

28 Aug 2008 20:44

Such a heartfelt posting chicken. Your slimier than the sewage that floats off Dawlish beach....

The Truth
The Truth
28 Aug 2008 20:49

How would you know what's floating in Lyme Bay? You don't even live in Dawlish. You HATE Dawlish. As proven manys a time by your postings on here.

28 Aug 2008 20:55

I most certainly do live in Dawlish! Difference is I have this terrible habit of wanting to tell the truth about our town. Have you tried it? The truth? From the truth?

The Truth
The Truth
28 Aug 2008 21:05

Do you bollocks live in Dawlish. You HATE Dawlish and its residents.

You have NOTHING positive to say about our town. You do nothing but run it down on here.

Do you really want me to copy and paste all of your negative posting on here? And that would be just the one's where you pose as Dullish, as theres also all the ones you've posted in your various other guises, such as "Roy the Sex Toy".

I bet you can't tell me what the last printed word is on page 15 of the Gazette.

The Truth
The Truth
28 Aug 2008 21:25

Dullish, your time is up.

You've replied within a maximum of 13 minutes of all of my postings tonight, until now! Which is when I've asked you to prove yourself, but here we are 20 minutes later and you've failed to deliver the goods.

No excuses.

I own you.


28 Aug 2008 21:41

I see you are resorting to your chicken shed profanities. Would you like me to run through and paste ALL of your pseudonyms?

I love my town. I prefer not to use it as a big PR project to line my pockets financially, like you and your kind do, at every opportunity. I prefer a true, balanced view....which you are against as you have a financial vested interest.

As for The is so biased towards Dawlish Town Council that the residents of Dawlish are refusing to buy it in numbers, due to the lack of transparency or real investigative journalism. Hence, they have to plead for extra sales by flogging it to death on the front of The Dawlish Post!

Even more so since ex Dawlish Councillor Tom Scobie is now the can see the bias, with his Council friend, the money grabbing Protheroe plastered all over the paper! Supercilious PR pictures, but nothing about important issues, such as the new 'Drug/Alcoholic' Centre.

The Truth
The Truth
28 Aug 2008 21:49

Unable to answer the question? What a surprise! A big surprise really, considering what you've written in other threads tonight about the contents of Gazette. Unless, of course, you haven't read it........

I own you.

GAME OVER for the Dawlish hater.

P.S. I'm not Chicken Shed and I'm not a member of the Rotary Club or the flipping Round Table. Neither am I a councillor or do I know a councillor.

Not that you'll believe me, but who cares what you think you paranoid buffoon. Because you've been owned. BIG TIME.

28 Aug 2008 21:53

How it seems to me at the moment is that this forum ended up requiring sign-in from contributors because of the juvenile squabbles that were going on. As a result, sadly, many of the droppers in seem to have dropped out and we are left with a hard core of squabblers, maybe three or four. Which is really boring, and likely to kill this forum stone dead. A polite suggestion, but really, couldn't you guys give it a rest and let us hear the real voice of Dawlish?

Joey Deacon
Joey Deacon
28 Aug 2008 21:57

Well said. I've kept out of this particular squabble, because I've realised that it's a waste of time trying to reason with the likes of Dullish Roy.

I've learnt my lesson, and funny though it is to see the floor being wiped with Dullish Roy tonight, I'm keeping well out of it.

This should be a Dawlish forum for people who live in or care about Dawlish and the locale.

28 Aug 2008 22:08

Wiped the floor?! What threads are you reading?

The Truth doesn't OWN his own mind.....let alone anyone else!

Why do you all spit your dummies out when you are faced with the truth of what takes place in Dawlish?

Are you so proud of your town that you are willing to sweep corruption under the carpet?

The Truth
The Truth
28 Aug 2008 22:18

Why are you avoiding answering a simple enough question? Because you don't live in Dawlish.

You HATE Dawlish.

The thing is, you're not clever enough to keep up with your own lies. I am The Truth, and I AM clever enough to outwit you. The floor has well and truly been wiped with you.

I own you.

28 Aug 2008 22:34

Witter on you deluded fool..... Your small pathetic mind exposes it's limitations, with daft assumptions such as; not believing I live in Dawlish, even though I have stated that I do. Then you claim a victory because one of my responses was longer than previous responses.

Like I stated don't even OWN your own mind. You are a puppet of those you protect.

Also, what is this desire to OWN people? Do you hanker for the reinstatement of the slave trade?

The Truth
The Truth
28 Aug 2008 22:48

Squirm away Dullish.

You don't know the last word that's printed at the bottom of page 15 of the Gazette, yet you claim to be an expert on what's printed in that paper.

You've been proper sussed. Outwitting you is so easy, that it's embarassing.

28 Aug 2008 23:13

The only embarrassment is you and your pathetic attempts to claw back credibility with laughable statements and plebeian thuggery.

No wonder your mind is limited if you hang on every word of the woefully inept Dawlish Gazette.

In the meantime, the actual truth will continue to be put in the public domain on websites such as Dawlish Live. Biased Civic Journalism is dead. Best get yourself up to speed.

I call that the real victory.

29 Aug 2008 09:45

This site is one of many where anyone can air their views and enlighten others of what is going on in society that some of us think they should know about.
Much of what is written, would never find it's way into the local press. Not because there is anything wrong with what is said, but because it could be damaging to the paper itself, or that is how many editors view it. Papers do not make their money on the price of the paper sold, they make it on the advertising revenue.
So editors are minded not to upset those who are deemed to be THEIR bread and butter.

I see that this topic has generated considerable input, and so it should.

It was in 1971 that I was made aware of the shortcomings of many charities, it has gone on unabated since. That is wrong and more measures should be put in place to stop the malpractices that plague many charities.

It is usually the poorly educated that give most support to charities, not knowing what is going on with those that are running it.

Knowing what I know, I would never give to any charity until regulations are made more water tight than they are at present.


Where would Rotary be without a CHARITABLE status?
That is a fifty million dollar question, all donations to where ever you like, it is your choice.

The Truth
The Truth
29 Aug 2008 12:20

I agree with you laughing boy, that no-one should ever give to charity.

As you rightly point out, we don't know where the money that we donate to charities ends up, therefore I'm never going to donate to charity ever again. Thanks for enlightening me.

29 Aug 2008 15:55

The Truth: Nice to see some on this site can read and take action for their own good.

29 Aug 2008 22:06

See, you're all off again;
Shakespeare said 'A fool returns to his folly as a dog to his vomit'.

29 Aug 2008 22:45

It's debate Bardwell. I pity those who quote Shakespeare to contrive superiority. I could paraphrase a million writers to claim relevance. Not that big a deal......

Don Pearson
Don Pearson
30 Aug 2008 00:37

Without wanting to get involved in your dispute,
I think most people quote Shakespeare, not to be superior but because they feel that he expresses many things so much better than they ever could themselves.

It is almost an exercise of "cutting and pasting" something apprporiate in the same way that you might do so from a newspaper report.

Sorry to intrude but I love Shakespeare.

30 Aug 2008 09:28

Argument, as usually managed, is the worst sort of conversation.

30 Aug 2008 09:35

I love Shakespeare too. It would appear the same could be said of Bardwell, if his/her name is anything to go by. So in reply, I will post some more words from the Bard that resonate with me.

This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.

Don Pearson
Don Pearson
30 Aug 2008 10:15

Another quotation, this time from the founder of Yahoo???
Just the man who might have made a Modest Proposal to solve simultaneously the problems of corrupt politicians and high fuel prices by burning their bodies to light up the streets.

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