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Yes Tesco should be given permission to set up shop as most people in the Dawlish area want a Tesco supermarket.

Palos Palace
19 Jun 2011

I bought a pizza from Palos Palace last night, it cost £14 for a large ham and pineapple. It was disgusting and I had to throw it away. It had almost no cheese, a few bits of ham, 2 bits of pineapple. Also they have posters up saying 'buy one pizza get one free' well I did not get a free pizza, however it would've been binned anyway. Is it just me who gets this awful service or have others had ...

Having a Tesco supermarket and a Sainsbury's supermarket in Dawlish would be excellent. More choice Competition between them for cheapest prices Less busy stores Greater parking capacity Etc I can't see a down side to having 2 supermarkets.

Royal Wedding
27 Apr 2011

A great occasion, watching the Royal Wedding on tele with a few beers is the way to go, and the Space Shuttle Endeavour launches on the same day. Most importantly it is a day off work - SWEET!

The Exeter Inn in Beach Street, Dawlish has reopened

@jo2mcm , the talk-talk person that came to my door said the exact same thing 'exchange upgraded and had i received my letter'. They are obviously SCUM and need to be reported. The next time one comes to my door I will listen to them, show interest and get them to explain it all at great length, to waste as much of their time as possible, then right at the end say no thanks and close the door. ...

How many times have we all been at the station with a valid ticket waiting for a train that never turns up. Shouldn't the train company give us £20 each everytime?

15 Mar 2011

OK, well that is fair enough. I do realise that TOCs are trying to provide a reliable service in very difficult circumstances and be fair First Great Western are a million times better than Wessex. But they shouldn't take it out on their customers.

14 Mar 2011

As several people I know have had penalty fares issued to them, even when the ticket office is closed and the ticket machine is not working, I have been wondering what can be done against this unfair practice. In fact there is a lot of info on the web about penalty fares. This article on the Evening Standard explains how to ...

The Strand
18 Feb 2011

People with cars can drive to Sainsbury's for their shopping, so there is no need for cars down the strand. Pedestrianising The Strand will modernise the town which definitely needs improving.