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Sainsburys is the best thing to happen to Dawlish in many years. At last we have somewhere nice to shop. The small shops in town will just have to up their game. The Strand should be pedestrianised with the wall between The Strand and The Lawn removed.

More importantly will they be selling beer at The Old Brewery?

14 Nov 2011

It is so nice to have a proper supermarket in Dawlish, I wish we had Sainsbury's years ago. What do people think about the new Sainsbury's supermarket?

Exeter Inn
9 Nov 2011

I agree, The Exeter Inn is one of the nicest pubs in Dawlish. I've not had any of their food, although I've seen the food that others have had and it looks very nice. I have been in the Exeter Inn in the evening for a drink. The friendliness of the staff, locals and the general atmosphere make for a very relaxed experience (I have never seen any trouble there). Also on the weekend they usually ...

I went shopping at Sainsbury's today, the store is brilliant, same layout as other larger stores. Will do all my household shopping there. Thanks Sainsbury's

Strike Today
1 Jul 2011

If you strike you are not willing to work and therefore should be sacked. If you don't like the job then leave. Simple!

It's stressful enough planning a wedding without receiving a email from your future mum-in-law detailing your many failings. But when the message, in which she says she pities your husband-to-be, becomes a global internet hit you know the Big Day is going to be a bit awkward. Heidi Withers, 29, received the rebuke from Carolyn Bourne, stepmum of her fiancé Freddie Bourne. The PA forwarded the ...

Claim a free pint of Young's Bitter or a small glass of house red or white wine at the Double Locks pub.

Everyone I have asked; want a Tesco supermarket.

Does anyone know if Bow Windows serves alcohol?