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RAMBLERS, dog walkers and lovers of the great outdoors are expected to welcome in Dawlish’s new countryside park this weekend. An extra 65 acres of wandering space will be opened up for them when the edge-of-town facility finally opens its gates on Sunday. Read Article Here

The life of former Newton Abbot Racecourse employee, Lauren Scott, was celebrated at the course on Tuesday with a memorial race day in her honour. Read more ...

A new generation of ‘Dawlish proof’ trains is set to be rolled out along the route with the promise they will be able to withstand the worst the south west can throw at them. Tthe new Class 802 Intercity Express Trains, which will run from London Paddington to Exeter, Plymouth and Penzance from next year, have been designed with a raised platform on which the resistors sit, allowing water to ...

@TheObserver , I'm preventing bickering, not joining in on it. Flaming other members with the apparent intent of inciting or perpetuating a conflict or argument is against the terms. It always has been.

22 Aug 2017

@Gloria , if you are trying to imply ziggy & deedoodle are the same person then you are wrong. Also, I don't understand why you have an issue with users posting photos on this site. That is the whole point of having the image button on the forum.

@majorp , yes, please feel free to continue posting on the subject.

16 Aug 2017

@majorp , there is no need to reply to JD2017 as his account has been closed (yet again). The person behind JD2017 is an old poster and is only ever interested in flaming other members on this site which is against the terms. I've nipped it in the bud early because it always escalates with this poster.

16 Aug 2017

@JD2017 . As you know, we have a no name-calling policy on this forum. It also applies to using slurs like "Ground Control to Major P".

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