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General Discussion

General Discussion
General Discussion
15 Feb 2022 10:40




Worried about your Energy Bills?

Find out what  options are available at

The Home Energy Saving Forum

The Strand Centre, Dawlish

March 12th, 10am until 4pm


Come and enjoy the refreshments at the Strand Centre cafe and get 

the latest advice on grants available given by:


  • Teignbridge Housing & Energy Officers

  • Exeter Community Energy 



  • Get top Energy Saving tips

  • Advice about Insulation, Renewables

  • Battery Storage, Retro Fit and more

  • Local specialist companies will  be on hand to advise on the various options available

For more information contact


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15 Feb 2022 14:44

Is there such a thing as teignbridge energy officers - no wonder the council tax is so high.

Here free of charge is what some "officer" will tell you

turn of lights when not in room.

switch of plugs when not in use

try to keep one room warm

drink hot cups of tea/coffee 

wear extra layer of  clothes

eat a hotmeal every day 

turn down heating an extra degree

grants apply for insulation if you don't have it but dont expect it for nothing, if you cant heat your home doubt you have extra cash to spend

get hot up by complaining to council about waste of money  regarding your council tax.





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