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Hi @Db7949 , should your website address be ?

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29 Mar 2018

Apologies for the outage today between 11am and 4pm. It was due to a fibre network breakage apparantly, which took out a lot of the network.

FAO Webmaster/Ziggy
17 Jan 2018

@Diana Mond , no worries. I usually change the user from me to the original user when I create the new thread so that they get the notifications and not me. I have to do it manually, so I may be doing it slightly differently each time.

17 Jan 2018

Done. Ziggy != Webmaster Mr M.

Parking tickets
17 Jan 2018

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@maz345 , that rouge advert has come up on other sites including Facebook so it is not just this website that the computer illiterate need to be wary of. They need to be wary of the www in genereal. The Google Adsense network is huge, as is Facebook's, which is how these companies are able to track and target you with adverts from site to site. Also, anyone can create an advert. Turning off ads ...