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General Discussion

@majorp , yes, please feel free to continue posting on the subject.

16 Aug 2017

@majorp , there is no need to reply to JD2017 as his account has been closed (yet again). The person behind JD2017 is an old poster and is only ever interested in flaming other members on this site which is against the terms. I've nipped it in the bud early because it always escalates with this poster.

16 Aug 2017

@JD2017 . As you know, we have a no name-calling policy on this forum. It also applies to using slurs like "Ground Control to Major P".

Continues here -

Anne Marie Morris
12 Jul 2017

@burneside , thankyou for editing your post. @From The Grave , I also said. "if someone genuinely unintentionally gets it wrong because it is not yet clear, I'll give them the opportunity to edit their posts." And "just because someone may have broken the terms, it doesn’t mean the terms no longer apply" ...

12 Jul 2017

@Scapegoat & @burneside , name-calling is not allowed on this forum, remember? Please edit your posts to correct this.

11 Jul 2017

@From The Grave , do you have to keep repeating the n word? I'm not happy with the use of racist words on this forum. We all know what Anne Marie Morris said, as it's been all over the news and other websites, but please can it be discussed from hereon without using the N word or other racist words?

@Stark Ross , there is no back-pedalling going on here at all. The Open Daw have now corrected the information on their website.

16 Jun 2017

@Stark Ross , I haven't closed anyone's account since @Strong and Stable's yesterday, after he asked me.

16 Jun 2017

@From The Grave , @Lynne has put it as a question. Also it is a post and not news. Given The Open Daw is the subject of the first sentence, I think They would refer to The Open Daw. I think The Open Daw need to correct it on their website.

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