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Concerned's Posts

I have received yet another Lib Dem Leaflet full of self serving clap trap.  Do they think the residents of Dawlish are so gullible that they believe the rubbish in these leaflets.  Rachel's dog show makes a total of 4 dog shows in Dawlish this year which is great, but I understand Animals in Distress are the organisers of this event. 'Save the Manor Farm', but we as Lib Dems will vote for ...

Lib Dems need to decide if they are yellow or orange or maybe mustard.  If they are yellow they have the same colours as SNP.  Very confusing. As to the campaining for Manor Farm the same councillors campaigned against the country park being built on farmland at Warren Farm, now these same councillors are supporting houses being built on Warren Farm in the Local Plan. Does that make any sense.

Houses Houses Houses
29 Jan 2022

Dawlish Lib Dems won their seats by campaigning for less houses. What do we now find out Cllr Taylor Port Folio Holder for Planning actually proposed at a TDC meeting that Dawlish have even more houses, the Dawlish Lib Dems at Teignbridge voted it through.  Now we also find in the consultation for the local plan that we are now going to have to have over 700 more houses in the future, again PH for ...

political leaflets
18 Jan 2022

Recently I received a leaflet from Cllr Martin Wrigley, what really dissappointed me was that the narrative was not accurate. It stated that he had made Network Rail make changes to the sea wall.  It is a matter of record that he and the Dawlish Lib Dems voted against the seal wall.  The Holcombe issue with network rail was changed because of the results of a consultation that they carried out, ... This is the link

2 Dec 2021

Having listened to BBC Radio Devon this week about Cllr Mullone being assaulted in a full council meeting a couple of months ago, I am absolutely shocked that Cllr Gary Taylor has refused to apologise to Cllr Mullone for the assault on him, but has said he will apologise to the council.  Having now seen both recordings of the actions of Cllr Taylor against Cllr Mullone I am truly appalled. What ...