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Houses Houses Houses

29 Jan 2022 10:09

Dawlish Lib Dems won their seats by campaigning for less houses. What do we now find out Cllr Taylor Port Folio Holder for Planning actually proposed at a TDC meeting that Dawlish have even more houses, the Dawlish Lib Dems at Teignbridge voted it through.  Now we also find in the consultation for the local plan that we are now going to have to have over 700 more houses in the future, again PH for Planning area!  

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29 Jan 2022 11:21

I was under the impression that the number of houses that TDC has to plan for for the future was/is dictated by central government - which for the past 11plus years has either been Conservative led (Coalition government 2011-2015) or Conservative controlled (2015- to date).

What TDC meeting are you referring to in your second sentence?

As I understand the situation, whatever the political hue of the controlling party at TDC they would have no option but to go along with whatever the government tells them re the number of future houses. It they don't do that and have no approved Local Plan then all hell could, and no doubt would, let loose as developers could put in to build houses here there and everywhere and TDC would not have a leg to stand on to stop that happening. 

What does PH stand for?  

Edit: Now realise that PH = Portfolio Holder. Thought for a while that you were suggesting that we should have more Public Houses in the area!  

30 Jan 2022 08:10

Seems that whoever voted Conservative in the last General Election also voted for more houses to be built. This is from the Conservative 2019 General Election Manifesto.  (page 31)

"We will continue to progress towards our target of 300,000 homes a year by the mid 2020s. This will see us build at least a million more homes over the next parliament"

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