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latest Lib Dem Leaflet

01 Apr 2022 09:37

I have received yet another Lib Dem Leaflet full of self serving clap trap.  Do they think the residents of Dawlish are so gullible that they believe the rubbish in these leaflets.  Rachel's dog show makes a total of 4 dog shows in Dawlish this year which is great, but I understand Animals in Distress are the organisers of this event. 

'Save the Manor Farm', but we as Lib Dems will vote for Warren Farm to have houses built on that land, very hypocritical, especially when valuable farmland is desperately needed to grow food!

Teignbridge Lib Dems have not done what they have claimed to have done in this leaflet since 2019, all 40 plus councillors at Teignbridge have had input and voted for the things they are claiming, absolute self serving clap trap. 

Greener Teignbridge, speak to Cllr Heath (Independant) about Climate Change he has done an enormouse amounth for Dawlish and has articles in the Dawlish Gazette weekly. 

All councillors support residents with issues that they have, Cllr Linda Goodman Bradbury is not the only person worried about what is happening about the cost of living today. again hardly an acheivement!

It was a member of the public who created a petition online and then raised the issue of speeding on Exeter Road with the Council not Cllr Dawson.

All in all if this leaflet is about what the Lib Dems have achieved for Dawlish then it doesnt amount to very much. 

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01 Apr 2022 12:06

Where and when have the Lib Dems voted to have houses built on the land at Warren Farm? 

01 Apr 2022 14:53

Not forgetting reneging on bin tax. Introducing unenfocrcable legislation regarding number of dogs on leads and ength of leads. Time they werevoted out but unfortunately Tories willbejust as bad when they get in.

02 Apr 2022 06:11

Isn't it the nature of all party politicial leaflets to be full of claiming credit for this and claiming credit for that?  

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