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It wasn't stolen, it was used for an emergency at a nearby cafe and has since been returned.

Peeping Tom, calling hard working people "f*cking cowboys" is way more snidey than anything else posted on this thread.

4 Nov 2021

Peeping Tom is at it again.

And you got the answer to your question mark. It's Cassandra who doesn't know the difference between a planner and a councillor, which your response allowed to continue by not correcting her. Seems like you're still sore about being called out for your support of the sham at Warren Farm. Thank you very much...

24 Oct 2021

There is no implication that the planners didn't visit! Surely you know that there's a difference between planners and councillors?

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You're still misunderstanding the Local Plan review. None of the sites have been "put forward by TDC", they've all been put forward by the landowners (mainly farmers). They are all on this list, but the majority of them will be disregarded. Including, in my view, those around the Countryside Park.

Seeing as this is going to be up out of the way at Manor Gardens, what is the so-called "Lawn Working Group" doing to enhance the lawn itself? I'm think in terms of using available funding to give us a bandstand to be proud of (I.e. a bandstand!).

Gays creamery
24 Jul 2021

Masks were still mandated this time last year. Only selfish people didn't wear them then. And, erm, now. Johnson's idiocy, and peoples selfishness, caused the subsequent rise in infections that resulted in tens of thousand more people dying unnecessarily.

Brexit has nothing to do with the massive lack of lorry drivers in the UK? Nothing to do with the massive lack of hardworking people to pick and pack fresh food from our fields? Right-oh Paul, you're in cloud cuckoo land.