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Walk like a lemming..... gammon mantra lol

No need when the car crash that is Brexshit is obvious lol

19 Sep 2018

Brexit doesn't need undermining, it's a dead horse and the sooner brexiters realise it the better! :D

19 Sep 2018

Are you sure they are not paying out £5.99 per ticket? What a brilliant line-up of self-serving hypocritical idiots :D

lololol Desperate! 'Nuff said lololol

What about a "Who rattled your cage" award?

17 Aug 2018

I was curious as to why you think halal is any worse than any other slaughter methods including kosher. I was also curious of your opinion of Jewish people  for their method of slaughter? eta... I've been in many slaughter houses thanks, no video needed.

17 Aug 2018

Have you ever been inside a slaughterhouse majorp? eta.... also, I guess you feel the same about Jewish people?

17 Aug 2018

The good thing about this thread is that there is no longer any doubt (as if there ever was) who the racist bigots with abhorrent views are.

9 Aug 2018

lol Call it feckin twatiscm as far as I care, it's still hating those that are different to the "racist" twats that are spouting so much hate!

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