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lol Brixidiots make me laugh. They are like hardcore Trump supporters. It's either fake news, project fear or cyber-web bots Get real, you've been hoodwinked by Victorian comic characters, self-serving tax avoiding elitists and over-privileged buffoons and convinced that national self-harm is the answer to the shitty state this government has led our country into

22 Mar 2019

Face the facts... It turns out that no scenario puts the UK in a better standing than our current situation and any Brexit scenario leads to sh*t. You had your chance.... peoples vote so the sane can restore sanity

22 Mar 2019

"so naive"   Ooh burnside, pot, kettle black!

17 Mar 2019

Project fear? Project reality!!

12 Mar 2019

OMG You Brexiteers If you are so sure it's the "will of the people" why are you so scared of a peoples vote on the final deal? Surely you'll triumph again or maybe you think Brexit may no longer be "the will of the people"?

"Stick and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me". Which is utter bollocks because constant bullying via words have driven many people to suicide. Yeah, you can have freedom of speach but freedom doesn't mean without consequence!

6 Mar 2019

Like Lynne I can't be arsed to argue with you anymore. History will condemn you but I guess you don't give a shit.

6 Mar 2019

They promised us unicorns. They gave us a lame donkey with an ice cream cone on its head. Brexit was never a good idea but don't let that stop the diminishing "majority" stop this Countries self harm

When will the childish namecalling stop? Calling people that oppose you Remoaners is not clever or funny but very childish and acts against anything you want to say because only your own echo chamber will bother to read past that. So how about stopping with the name calling?

May's Brexit Betrayal
24 Feb 2019

Oh, great argument and great usage of an ad-hominem attack. Thanks so much for proving my point, you must be so proud

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