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Regarding the photo... The Guildford 4s convictions were quashed because they were innocent, or did you forget that small fact. Even The Sun had to admit that, albeit buried deep in a very small article like they always do when they are caught lying and have to apologise

10 Sep 2019

The labour MP you are talking about is John Mann who has done everything he can to undermine the Labour party since Corbyn became leader. The FACT is if you look at cold hard stats, antisemetism in the Labour party is 0.06% which is lower than both in the UK and in the Tory party. But don't let cold hard stats get in the way. Additionally the stats also tell us that the rate of antisemetism in the ...

7 Sep 2019

Really? So pathetic! Please try to answer my questions rather than  your pathetic smearing. So lame!! Breaks my heart theat you can be so brainwashed!!!!

7 Sep 2019

I'm always up for a war of words but how about for a changeyou actualy concentrate on policies and tell me which of them you hate? Is it the fair taxes and closing of loopholes for the richest so they pay as much as us on more average incomes?  Is it that they want to channel government income to helping out people living in poverty rather than giving tax breaks and loopholes to the richest? ...

7 Sep 2019

Thanks all for proving what a bunch of media programmed people you are lolololol

I have nothing but excellent exoeriences with everyone at Barton Surgery and Lloyds!

Calling the Corbyn party supporters the loony left..........   zzzzz

5 Sep 2019

Corbyn simply won't take BoJo's poisened apple that will allow a no-deal brexshit. Anybody who doesn't acknowledge this is either playing dirty or a complete and utter numbnut! But don't let facts hinder your selfish, Xenophobic, self-destructive path that condems your grandchildren to hardship for decades to come.

This is just the beginning, wait 'till no-deal Brexshit kicks in

Hahahahahahahahaha.... hahahahahahahahahaha Great? Man? Great man?  Are you tripping?? Which part is great? Multiple bankruptcies? Pussy grabbing mysogonist? Boasts about not paying debts? Imprisoning children in unsanitry and unsafe conditions? Lying constantly? taking credit for the work of others?  I can go on... and on... and on!!

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