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General Discussion

Brexit - Part 2
1 Jan 2019

Leave with a "No deal" or leave with the deal that is an the table now. I don't care which one it is, but lets get out. We can work with whatever one it is and work it out.

30 Dec 2018

You will die if you eat it and you will most certainly die if you don,t. I see bacon is not good for you, it can cause cancer.

@leatash I'll second that.

Rural Skip
28 Dec 2018

I will get Mike the barrow man to do it, it only costs a fiver.

27 Dec 2018

I can throw the wife in when the skip arrives.

Existing budgets........where does that money come from? Why don't people get real and stop treating everybody else as bloody idiots.

Brexit - Part 2
25 Dec 2018

Are the other EU partners conspicuos by their no comment. They all agreed on the brexit deal, and now what? What will they do when we have gone, will their be crisis after crisis. You can't take a country that was proping up most of the rest away, without some kind of repurcusions.

Brexit - Part 1
24 Dec 2018

Face book. As I don't do facebook, someone else kindly sent it to me.

23 Dec 2018

News just in from Holland........I wish the brits would take the time to see whas going on here......I am a scouser living in Holland getting on for 40 yrs is just as bad, in some ways worse than the UK. For example, Health Insurance is compulsory whether working or unemployed. My wife and I pay 250 euros per month and that is basic, no dentals, physio or extras, 2 major hospitals have ...


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