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Brexit - Part 1
17 Nov 2018

The question as I see it. What are the others thinking if there was a no deal and would they let it happen. I don't think so, as most of them have more to lose than we do. Who are we talking too in the negotiations, is it the EU as a whole or individual countries leaders or both?

17 Nov 2018

The findings is sure to bolster the view among Brexiteers that there may be divisions on the EU side that can be exploited to Britain’s advantage in Phase 2 of the negotiations, which are due to start within weeks. So far, the EU has demonstrated rock-solid unity over the three divorce issues of citizens’ rights, the Brexit bill and the Northern Irish border. But that may be harder to sustain when ...

17 Nov 2018

Complete speclation by Lostit. It is all might, if's and maybe's. It is now that matters. SO HOW DO WE GET OUT? We have more bargaining power that many of the other countries that are still in the EU. Our fisheries policy is scaring many who roam around in our waters freely now, but won't be able too when we leave There are many others that depend heavily on what we buy from them and are scared ...

16 Nov 2018

@Lostit . every one has there own opinion. if we are not locked in to anything, why do we need the negotiations to break away? the agreement that is on the table is so far the best that can be done for the moment. There is free movement across the Irish border now, and so far it has worked well, because we are both in the EU. But, if we come out then the EU will dictate how that border is ...

15 Nov 2018

@burnside     --------- Correct, and I wonder how many other contributors to this site got it right. I remember it well and at the time my thoughts were, can't we control ourselves. Now we are locked into something, that it appears is difficult to get out of. Like donald Trump says about America, we should be saying about the uk.

15 Nov 2018

Who got us into this fine mess?

@maki1 . you said "but minutes,i thought, were meant to simply record decisions on a particular item of business and are not meant to be reports or verbatim of what was / wasn't said by councillors," Of course they are not verbatim, and there in lies the problem. If we do not know what coucillor said what or even know when a vote is taken on a motion, what councillor voted for, against or ...

12 Nov 2018

Only and until all councils meetings are minuted by an outside source and digitally recorded, will anyone find out what is really going on in the corridors of power. I have recorded meetings, and what is said by some is totally different from what is recorded in the minutes. It is only recently that recordings of council meetings are allowed, but officers have battled long and hard to ...

So if the play park is approved, how and by what method will it be funded. Are councillors asking that question now, if not why not?

4 Nov 2018

Disgusting, and people still support charities. If they want something, give it to them but not by way of money donations. I have supported RSPCA, Mare & Foal, Cats Protection League ETC, ETC. By dropping off food. Simple!!!!!

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