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Greed on behalf of the management {owners}. You cannot possibly look after the kind of patient they have there with minimum staff. The staff are always under pressure and soon get tired of their job and leave, putting more pressure on those that remain. I would be interested to know what the turnover of staff is?

23 Aug 2019

That could be Palm Court, if it is I am not surprised.

20 Aug 2019

@FredBassett , Expose this care home and let others know whether or not it would be a safe place if they had to go into one of these homes.

High Court Case
20 Aug 2019

it was a load of bollocks-------he lost!!!!!

I have beaten the Dawlish News. P & B attend the chinese shop in Dawlish. Somewhere in the Park Rd Area.

Water fowl
15 Aug 2019

Cracked it! It appears that the council are too tight to pay decent wages and pay for the food, so I am told, they have allowed the warden to breed fancy ducks and sell them on to buy food and suppliment his wages.I have no idea why the swans which everyone comes to see have deminished,they cost nothing to feed.

It is because of this that care homes are closing, (nothing else) Staff shortages are rife. If you cannot get the staff to run these homes, they don't run on their own. I always remember the signs you sometimes see on the roads (TIREDNESS CAN KILL). How can carers work the long hours without a break?

Water fowl
9 Aug 2019

Any more suggestions as to what might be happening to the ducks/swans. @leatash .Have you ever seen receipts of what has been sold or the address that they went too? @Duckileaks . Who owns the gaggle of geese that are free to roam, they never get killed by someones dog? They are not technically wild fowl.  Why is it always the swans that fall foul to dogs/foxes as has been suggested.

4 Aug 2019

I have also noticed two gates which are now open either end of the path by the fountain. Those gates can only be closed via a traffic order. It is a public right of way

3 Aug 2019

@DEEDOODLE I'll leave that to you, I do not know the people who run the wildfowl setup

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