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@Diana Mond "dominated by retirees with loads of time on their hands" Isn't that a rather 'ageist' remark?

Splatford Split
1 Dec 2017

@majorp If you had explained yourself on your original post as to what you had heard about Splatford Split, then there would not have been any need for your unpleasantness towards others who are trying to help.

@leatash As the cycle lanes are empty, then maybe the council should think about doing away with them and widening the road.

Lloyds Chemists.
21 Nov 2017

@Diana Mond That doesnt mean the the lad didnt bother to go an collecthis prescription, or does it, in your eyes/mind? When I used to collect from LLoyds, I was informed to allow 2 working days before collection, and have you tried collectiong after 2 days? Impossible and as I had stated before, I went a full week after submitting my request and it still wasnt ready then.

17 Nov 2017

@majorp I am not alone as I know quite a few people who have experienced the same and have changed to Boots. Fact. @leatash Friendly & helpful staff. Are you going to a different Lloyds then? Yes, I used to go in there smiling etc and never rude to them but I never received it back.

14 Nov 2017

@majorp I have been ordering my prescriptions online for a couple of years now and generally 2 weeks before I need them but changed to Boots as whenever I went to Lloyds, my prescription still wasn't ready.

Let's hope for a nice dry day for their parade which sets off at 2:45pm. Show your support for our brave boys and girls who done their bit. Well done Dawlish RBL for organising this. Keep it up.

As most of the parents will have cars, I honestly cant see many of them using the town. My money is on most of them using Sainsburys and/or Exeter. There has been a dramatic increase in new housing but has there been additional parking (in town) to help with this influx? No.

@majorp "I wonder if that explains the ulteriour motive why a buisiness person of the town is motivated to get more people up his end of the lawn. Makes sense if you were lacking in something that you wanted a piece of". Are you implying that all those people attending the play park from miles around will be buying property in Dawlish?

People will come to Dawlish to see the brook, ducks and swans and sit on the lawn, regardless if there was a play park there or not. What makes people think that more people will be attracted in their droves from surrounding areas to take their kids to a play park? When I was a nipper and went to a resort, I wanted to play on the beach and not sit in a play park.

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