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This popcorn is tasting particularly delicious tonight! The sight of ignorant racists like Burneside and FredCliffe getting roasted is very satisfying.

Positive news!! Stop the presses! This is the reality for nearly all users of the surgery, I'm pleased to say. The moaning minnies who have one of the rare poor experiences are entitled to their opinion, but they are far outnumbered by the silent and happy majority.

Dear henchmen and women. Burneside is the lord of the Isle Of Dogs manor. Whatever you do, don't f*** with him.

Leadsom or May
13 Jul 2016

Don't worry Burneside, we've got Boris in charge of foreign affairs! I'm sure that Theresa May isn't setting him up for yet another great fall... 😂

Interesting that "Dawlish News", whoever you are, chose not to post the whole article. Only the slightly negative part of it... I'm still waiting for FredCliffe to share the outcome of his FOI request that he promised us.

Goodness me! Seagulls are making a bit of noise at the seaside?? Whatever next? Penguins at the South Pole? Bears in the wood? Sheep at Warren Farm? Oh... PS I know they're actually Herring Gulls...

It's the Cockwood Summer Festival organised by the Cockleshell Mariners, held on the Cockwood village green from 6pm Theres a licenced bar til 11, BBQ, live bands and children's entertainer. Advance tickets are £5, or £7.50 on the door. No dogs, no glass, no bicycles, no tents (according to the ticket!). Hope you have a nice holiday Stephen.

Burneside. Did I write that? No. I was pointing out that citizens of non-EU countries also have the right to ask Google to remove certain search results relating to them.

9 Jul 2016

Burneside, if you think that citizens of Non-EU but European countries Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein don't have the right to ask Google to remove search results that violate their right to privacy, then you're mistaken.

Will, rest assured that the sea wall isn't "ruined" by the very occasional (and always non-Lycra-clad) cyclist. Those that do use it have always, in my experience, slowed right down when approaching pedestrians.  And to confirm, in case the water has been muddied, the cycle route will NOT be along the seawall. Which was all you were asking in the first place. So please don't be put off by ...