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@Lynne , thanks for the input.

20 Aug 2020

Just had a walk down by St Gregory's Church and as I came out of the grounds towards Dawlish Water. I was surprised to see about 20ish fairly old people (60-80 ) sitting on chairs in a tight circle behind Newhay Close on the field. My concern was that they were all within arms length of each other and not wearing masks. A few of them had even driven their cars along the footpath and parked on the ...

A sad way to go..R.I.P

It always seems that the criminals always get treated better than the victims in the UK law system. Don't blur the pic out of that piece of scum and name and shame them. I don't expect its the first dog this filth has nicked, in my opinion.

It doesn't matter if local planning says NO. This project is backed by the government and if it goes all the way to appeal to the top for a decision to go forward. You can bet your bottom dollar it will be built. Slowly the people of the UK are realising their freedoms and rights are being severely eroded just like our coast line.

@Fredbassett......very true mate, go on YouTube and see it from the mouths of NHS staff that wards have been empty since the beginning of lockdown in many hospitals. NHS staff have been sent home. Nightingale units in total were literally unused. Now flip that to the suffering and deaths of the number of people who have not been able to get the nhs care they needed for other than covid. ...

10 Aug 2020

Rumbling noise
10 Aug 2020

@Daverc - thanks......

So the upshot of this will more than likely be the outcome the owners have wanted through their actions that have left the property in the current state, in my opinion. I cannot see any chance of the authorities doing anything else as they have done absolutely noithing to date to enforce the owners to act under the current poiwers of listed building status. Other than deny planning permission. Tax ...

Rumbling noise
10 Aug 2020

Anyone else notice rumbling thunder sound just now 07:56 hrs? Or it might be the rave starting up in the field behind my house, no kidding..same thing every year and goes on till 6 or 7 in the morning.