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Dawlish News

Shame the police DO NOT enforce it in Dawlish, just makes a joke of the notices.

They most probably have had enough of Dawlish and done a swimmer, seeing as their wings are clipped. Best of luck to their new lives in sunny Torquay.

The minority of selfish people spoiling it for the majority as usual.

You know this is just all hot air, the hospital will be closed all part of the government plan.

Just building on every other free space in Teignbridge instead.

Force this on your employees and expect to pay out a lot of dosh in compensation to quite a few employees.

Council tax
20 Mar 2021

All those elected officials know how to do certain things very well ... waste tax payers money, fill their pocket and tax us to the hilt.  Whether its local councils up to central government. Throughout this SCAMDEMIC have you seen any of your bills reduce? no, but I can bet many of the services have. The added bonus is that in many cases if you do not pay the increases the bully boys will be sent ...

Or just buy one yourself.

A new covid strain I expect....the tango covid strain.

Its a shame they are not as active attending crimes that take place, in my opinion.

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