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16 Oct 2019


8 Oct 2019

At the very least the government should impose an immediate ban on push bikes going on roads which have a speed limit above 30 mph. Then enforce it with a large fine, bike confiscated and if they have a driving licence.. 3 points on it.

2 Oct 2019

There are a lot more ignorant cyclists on our roads than people driving motorised vehicles going about their daily business on our roads. Time after time I witness the ignorant/arrogant attitude of Lycra clad t@@ts on the roads around Devon. @er113 to many selfish cyclists on our roads, if a vehicle driver drove the way many cyclists ride down here you would not have a driving licence for ...

How naive can these people be. What do they think there homes were built. How do they think residents who have lived here for decades feel about their over priced and poorly built homes going up on green field sites then?

I assume the council workers do not have to pay to park all day at the manor house. Up until a year or so ago people had always parked in this car park day and night with NO restrictions for decades.

6 Sep 2019

Criminal damage, if a wall is damaged by a slogan being painted on it then by the same ruling a car windscreen that has been impaired with a semi permanent glue so as to reduce its properties is also the same. As the sticker was glued in a place on the windscreen to impair the drivers view of the road with knowledge that it would be very difficult to remove. I would argue that, under law, it ...

What a tw@t!

The only reason any of the services are being cut at a local level is because central goverment is keeping more of the cake for their fat arse,s to scoff on. 'The below stations will reamain open'  for now. Look what happened when they wanted to sell off teignmouth police station. They appeased a few people by opening a small cop shop on the high street and then closed it a couple of ...

Saw some pretty solid collapsible trolleys in asda newton Abbott that would fit the bill. They fold out into fair size 4 wheel trolleys with sides and then concertina to a smaller size when not needed. A couple of those might be the answer. Shame to seem them go.

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