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Dawlish News

Call me cynical if you wish, but I get the distinct smell of something else in this REGISTRATION of you and your dogs on to a Teignbridge council data base with stickers for your car and i.d. tags for yours dogs so soon after the survey on teignbridge dog issues. I've had the privelege of having canine companions for over 50 years and see no reason to be REGISTERED on a council database. In my ...

Last Thursday and we are hearing about it NOW! I am registered with the police neighbourhood alert e-mail thingy that is supposed to alert people to the dodgey things going on locally and this wasn't one of them that I received. Would it not have been worth advising local people of this incident on thursday/friday. Do they think that we are are to delicate to hear of what obnoxious, evil little ...

'The Adventure golf has been run in house since 2003'! yes and it shows. So lease it out for the next 20 years so someone will actually invest in the attraction ...typical solution by a bunch of over paid people without a clue about what they are supposed to actually be doing as a job role, in my opinion.

@Cassandra - not a lot i expect from the lack of police activity in enforcing the prohibition notices on the lawn. The prohibition of consuming alcohol, drugs is infringed on a daily/nightly basis plus the foul language and drunken boxing matches that take place on a regular basis, in full view of Dawlish residents and holiday makers.

5 Aug 2017

@Brooklyn Bridge - agree, the d.d&d.c seem more active since the prohibition signs went up than they were before. i see these people! on a daily basis around the lawn, not just once in a blue moon. What's the town council doing about this a.s.b.o...............not a lot I expect.

3 Aug 2017

Wednesday July 19th ! this is the first I've heard about this. Cannot believe people just happen to walk around with iron bars, is there more to this than I'm reading? The lack of officer's on the beat and the attitude you get from some of the police operator's on 101/999...if you don't get put on hold would seem to give criminals an air of confidence as they go about their business in my ...

One word comes to mind -MAINTENANCE! Surprise, surprise run by a council.

Where has all the money gone?

'will be home to native species'........... it already was before this half hearted attempted at a poorly located location was adopted as an after thought  to the local developer's concrete jungle of poorly built houses crammed into a small field. Hopefully they will put more effort into this counrty park development than the developers did with the 'green space' for the secmanton lane ...

On a train with 40 passengers eating scottish food and stuck in a station or siding of a night to sleep for 6 days in the U.K. for £10k that's a bargain! oh and only one pillow per bed.

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