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Dawlish News

The projects that leatash highlights are lack lustre ideas of the elected officials, local and further afield. When the electorate are asked for their opinions on what they would like or dislike the results are ignored, lost or twisted to something else, in my opinion. If you want to get Dawlish on the map you have to produce things people want to come back to time and time again. In my own ...

In a nut shell the accident was a bloke in a skoda yeti driving into the back of a stationery double decker bus. One of the largest rears of a vehicle that navigates our roads !

29 Dec 2017

@leatash - how wise you are - the answer to eradicating all rtc's, injuries and fatalities on our road's, stop drivers driving on the roads.

@ShyTalk 47 - air cons on the roofs and diesel engine generators under the carriages, i believe. Brand new GWR green IEP at London Paddington:- Read the comments on this link from people who know what they are talking about :- ...

Also a grey vauxhall insignia parked along upper longlands betwen 22:00 hrs and 08:00 hrs on wed 1/11 and thur 2/11. A corrosive substance was poured onto the car causing extensive damage to the paintwork.

Every time I see that waste of space, the image of him sitting on the floor of a train comes to mind.

What are they babbling on about. I walked past it last night and 75 percent of it was still intact with a mini digger sitting in it.

Of course he would, he is a politician and he wants to be P.M at the next g.e.

@TheObserver - i belive this document explains it.

When have the town council ever listened and acted on what the residents of Dawlish want or need? How many times have they just done what they wanted and kept it quiet until the shtf when it's reported in the paper's or some one grasses them up! obviously this is only my own opinion and may not be factual...e & e.o. etc, etc...written without prejudice..........

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