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Dawlish News

In my opinion, just a revenue earner for the council. Why not enforce the orders on The Lawn I am sure you could make a lot more than running all over the district.

Who put the charges on the car parks in the first place? Who has continued to extend and increase the charges again and again? Who cannot see further than the end of their noses? The well being of this area seems of little concern to those elected as long as THEIR pay and pensions increase year on year, in my opinion

i would't be surprised if there was an awful lot of asbestos went up into the atmosphere during this fire, considering the age of the building. I may be wrong!

Recorded being the operative word. Most probably a far cry from the actual crime.

High tide!

I wouldn't expect very fast speeds and the security of connection would certainly be a lot lower than a hard wired home connection. Just a bit of a gimmick rather than something that takes a bit of thought, effort and understanding.....typical project lame from those in my opinion.

Arrested on 'commom assault', what about the alleged kitchen knife! Dawlish is on the decline, in my opinion. Say's it all really....

You can bet your bottom dollar anything they may do. Will be to spend even less money on essential maintenance for which the ratepayer pays through the nose my opinion.

I have a large field of 3 foot high dry grass behind my house. Which the farmer would normally have cut sometime ago, if the airshow had taken place this year, but it did not and he hasn't. I just know there's a good chance of some cretin flicking a fag end whilst walking there dog. If this happens a lot of people's back gardens and sheds are likely to go up as well. I will update this post ...

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